Our Church: Reformed or Deformed?

After extensive discussions, we have decided to make a change to the original registration to view the roundtable. The reason for this is that we do not want to put the slightest obstacle to having many thousands of people signing up for this incredibly important event.  


That is, we need as many people as possible to be armed with knowledge about the most crucial facts, and extraordinary implications of the Vatican’s Amazon Synod that this unprecedented roundtable will provide. 


Instead of a mandatory fee, we will be asking all registrants to consider making a financial gift

of whatever amount they are capable of to cover the roundtable costs.  



If you are not able to donate, please offer prayers for this event; they are very powerful in this fight we are face today.

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John-Henry Westen

Dr. Taylor Marshall

Dr. Roberto de Mattei

Michael Matt

Marco Tosatti

Michael Voris

John Smeaton

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