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Abortion News


Read the latest abortion related news.



Fetal Development


The amazing science of how a human being is made.


Abortion Methods


The medical facts about how abortions are performed.


Abortion Testimonies

True personal stories of men and women who have had, or been affected by, abortion.

The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Is abortion related to breast cancer? Here's what science has to say.



Abortion Risks


Learn the risks associated with abortions.




Pregnant? Need Help?

Where to go for help with an unplanned pregnancy.




Abortion Pill Reversal

Yes, it IS possible to reverse the abortion pill and save the baby in some cases. Here's how it's done.

Stand Up for Life


The ultimate guide to why abortion is wrong and how to argue in favor of life (by pro-life apologist Randy Alcorn).

Late Term Abortion


Coverage of current late term abortion practices, opposition at various levels, and more.


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