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Homosexuality News

Read the latest homosexuality related news.




Gender Ideology & Revolution

Learn more about the ideas behind the ongoing gender revolution.



LGBT Support & Promotion

Coverage of LGBT supporters, including: corporations, Big Tech, and even some Church leaders.


LGBT Resistance & Persecution

See how individuals, businesses, and church leaders stand up against the LGBT tide and resulting persecution.

LGBT Recovery & Conversion Therapy

Stories of those who have left the LGBT lifestyle and the issues faced by those who encourage others to do the same.







Covering issues related to "same-sex marriage", polygamy, and Obergefell v. Hodges.






Concerning Children & Minors

From propaganda in books, shows, and movies to the promotion of pedophilia and from pornographic sex-ed to drag queen story hours, learn how the LGBT agenda is affecting children.

Bathroom Wars


Learn about the ongoing push from LGBT activists for transgender bathrooms and how this risks the safety and well being of women and children.